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Made in Marche food & beverage

We are a Group of local Agrifood Firms, with similar values, that want to show the endless enogastronomic culture of its own region: The Marche.

The common mission is the search for the quality, exhalting traditional recipes and tastes. It gives tot the customer a complete range of dishes, from appetizers to dessert, wisely combined with the best local wines. Madeinmarche Food & Beverage means also punctuality and accuracy in accordance with the agreements made with the customer. This is the foundation for every future cooperation.

Take a sit with us at MadeinMarche Food & beverage table and enjoy our products!

The Companies: certified quality

Search for the quality but also the attention to customer requests, these are the reasons that move our firms to adopt international product standards..

Almost every passage “from farm to fork” is certified. The exclusive use of local raw materials is tested by strict internal disciplinaries. Production processes are evaluated by ISO and similar. Each firm has a specific line of products, marked with Organic, Halal, Qm, Spiga Barrata certification.
Look at the list of our certifications below:
Sole e Bontà: BIO, QM
Colonnara: ISO CSQA, BIO, DOC, IGT
Salumificio di Genga: Spiga Barrata
Oleificio Oro Antico: ISO CSQA, 100% qualità italiana





le Marche

Marche is the only italian region with the name in the plural form, maybe for the great variety of landscapes, from snow mountains to the “velluto” beaches of the adriatic sea.

Or maybe for the wide range of local dialects, folk’s traditions and food, of course. The main character common all over the country is the calm laboriusness, derived from the peasant tradition. Marche’s people work with seriousness, searching the maximum quality, from the art to the kitchen! Marche: a territory with infinite potential, mostly undiscovered, that pleasant surprises around every corner.

The Vallesina


The Jesi's Castles

Genga and its Caves

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